Discussion on what it means to set and achieve an accomplishment or goal

One definition of success is knowing that what you do is helping you and others lead a better, happier, healthier life. One size doesn’t fit everyone, everyone has different core values and success is categorically individual to each of us. People mistake the fact of getting or achieving wealth, power, respect or fame as aim points, when they are in fact side effects. Success and happiness are not ready-made things, they come from your own thoughts (mind), actions (body) and universal human experience (spirit). It starts from peace of mind, liking yourself and self satisfaction that you did your best to become the best possible person you are capable of becoming, whilst liking what you do and liking how you do it, because it involves 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Success can be going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm, your job or role in life, your life or your head. A process of continually expanding yourself towards happiness and your progressive journey of realisation towards worthy goals. The more you engage with life and people, the more mindful you are of your situation and the world around you, in order to build your well-being, your wisdom and capacity for wonder. Once you are on the path to succeeding, you are can start giving and delivering happiness to others.

I came across a colleague at work who was a great Ironman participant. We talk for a long time on the preparation he undertook to enter such events. It is an event where you are judged on the end to end results (swimming, cycling & running) rather than one discipline. We discussed in detail the application of science in the pursuit of 'Going the Distance'. The challenges that needed to be overcome, the training and preparation, trying new things out in training and getting comfortable with them before you run the race. The incremental increases and the purchasing of better and better equipment. The major outcome from all the talk was the realisation that he wasn't going to get there by just trying to get better. My colleague had to do a total mind and body re-think to even get to the start line. He had to learn to slow down in order to speed up later. He had to learn to run again (focus on vertical oscillations, cadence, ground contact time, running dynamics, stride length), learn to cycle again (pace, effort due to changes in terrain variations, going downhills, air dynamics, superman posture, dealing with tired legs), and learn to swim again (total inversion swimming, swimming in the rain), but most importantly listening to his body, understanding the feelings and symptoms, heart rate and mathematical human responses, saving energy during the early stages, and the whole motivation/morale issue (the wall, asking yourself why you are doing it, dealing with injuries). There is a lot of issue that I will further investigate in this blog, that I will create other artefacts in the future. Watch this space.

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