Ever wondered why you are not delivering? 90% of performance problems are in your processes, not with your trained people.

Too many organisations provide short-term fixes to their existing process problems rather than investigate the root cause of the issues.  It takes a unique type of individual to first accept that there are process issues within their organisation, and then to look at methods to solve process issues and prevent further problems surfacing.  One of the unfortunate disadvantages of processes is that they tend to attain a level of authority that is difficult to challenge or change, so people live with them and then others look to work around broken processes to get their jobs done.  Very few organisations regularly assess their processes and once they are created they are left undisturbed for years, even though the business may have moved on since they were created.  There is a natural tendency to think that more of anything good/more processes are better, and that a vast library of processes to address every perceivable eventuality is a good thing.  However, there comes a point where the sheer vastness of the process library starts to become an issue in itself.  There is no formula that states how much or the quality of processes that must exist for an organisation for optimal performance, because each organisation is unique and depends on their people, skills, behaviours and understanding, and this various with time through the lifecycle of that organisation

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