Having a background in IT, Telecommunications & Defence and an understanding of some of the unique challenges faced by the clients and users within these sectors, which provides a valuable insight into developments and strategic policies and how they can be implemented



Competency Level


Knowledge (Theories, Ideas & Concepts)

Through Professional/Personal Study Gained Through Experience
  • Detailed knowledge of Land, Air and to a lesser extent Maritime platforms through the delivery of complex IT and Communications Systems
  • IT, Telecommunications & Defence Standards, Processes and Procedures
  • Over 20 years knowledge and experience within various organisations, departments and teams across the whole product development lifecycle as well as in the deployed/in-service areas

Skills & Application of Knowledge
in Real World Situations

Together with Responsibilities/Accountabilities
  • Project & Programme & Support Manager
  • Stakeholder & Requirements Manager
  • Technology Evaluation Manager
  • Risk & Opportunity & Bid Manager
  • Change & Transformation Manager
  • Configuration & Data/Information Manager
  • Engineering Manager
  • Service Enterprise Architect Manager
  • Knowledge Manager
  • Technical Subject Matter Expert
  • For further details, please see 'Experience Webpage'

Selected Challenges & Approaches

Together With lessons Learnt
  • Working in different sectors requires understanding, insight and skilful collaboration to be truly effective, recognising that each sector/ company has their own specific technical and business knowledge wrapped up in their culture and leadership styles. Every team within every organisation is unique and can’t be stereotyped.
  • Invariably each sector has their own taxonomies, acronyms, standards, trade-ware, major supplier and supply chains, relationships, key personnel, qualifications and subject matter experts, common platforms and applications, legal and safety frameworks, competency frameworks. Rules and best practices' are there to be followed, reinforced, evolved or changed through revolution.
  • Hidden in each sector and often undocumented are the sector related facts, truths, principles, folk law, heroes and villains (often written as biographies), advised reading lists, top performers, events and trade-shows, private consumer preferences, concerns, positions, risks, issues, researchers, opportunities to move ideas/products and services between sectors. If you are looking for new - There are enough different sectors and different countries/cultures to find something new everywhere that can in theory be translated into your own sector; the challenge is to select the right elements that can bring real value to your customers, products/services and organisations.

Selected Achievements & Successes

Together with Any ‘So What’ Statements of Insights
  • Working within Government and Defence
  • Working within Telecommunications and Transport
  • Working within Education and Retail

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