A set of management disciplines to help organisations to manage their technology fundamentals to create competitive advantage



Competency Level



Through Professional/Personal Study Gained Through Experience + Expert
  • Technology Strategy, Forecasting, Roadmapping, Modularising & Evolving, Portfolios
  • R&D, Technology & Manufacturing Readiness Levels, Portfolio Integration, Gap Analysis
  • Creativity & Innovation Rockets opposed to Funnels, Innovation Everywhere, Optimisation
What does Technology Management involve?


Together with Responsibilities / Accountabilities
  • Technology management is critical in offsetting the risks of new technology while acquiring the operational benefits it provides, needs extensive research and strategic analysis to help determine the potential value of acquiring innovations in the role of managing the EDGE
  • Recognising the value of synergy especially in complex system where the derived value of the whole is significantly more than the combination of the individual parts, and can provide increased competitive advantage [Every Project & Programme Karl is involved with]

Selected Challenges & Approaches

Together With lessons Learnt
  • Technology is only one element of the solution profile and it needs to be combined with the people skills, training provided and enabling processes to give holistic outputs and outcomes
  • Suppliers sell products and services based on established requirements, SLAs with support contracts. It can be difficult to gain value and flexibility when your organisations is piecing all the components together and managing the expectations of the user community

Selected Achievements & Successes

Together with Any ‘So What’ Statements of Insights
  • Introduction of many new technologies and systems into the field, and getting them across the 'Valley of Death' (funding gaps that exists between basic research & good ideas, and ultimately a commercialised system [Key is an agile and flexible approach coupled with continuous capability evolution]
  • Running a dedicated Innovation Factory that beta-tested emerging technologies and provided rapid feedback, using a equality partnership model that protected IPR [Fail fast, Fail Quickly so you can get on the right route to success]
  • Providing options for the migration of a complex legacy system with a large number of peripheral device and links to established systems onto a new enterprise cloud platform as a service capability
  • Technology is only one element of the jigsaw puzzle. You need the complete package (Doctrine, Processes, Infrastructure, Organisational Backing, Trained People, Support, Information Flow & Customer Backing) to be successful

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